Time tracking, dynamnic scheduling and communication tool for organizations who care about people, productivity and resources.

Kiosk for employees

It helps to engage employees. It has proven security and flexible hardware options. Easy to set up maintain and expand with additional peripherals - like biometric ID, cameras and various sensors.

Manage on Cloud

Manage everything in a browser. All you need is an internet. It has everything else what you expect from modern Workd Force Management system - analytics, alerts and more.

On the go with the phone

For employees on the move? We have it covered. Track time, location, stay informed about tasks and always know what needs to be done no matter where you are.

When the best isn't enough

Tailored hardware

Interested in a different size or placement for employee kiosk? Need to measure manufacturing device usage time, energy consumption or distance covered?

Data import & export

Import and export employee lists, schedules and timesheets in CSV or XLS file formats all by yourself.

Extend with API

Integrate with your existing systems (HR, payroll, accounting and more) or extend functionality if you miss something.

Example cases

Retail and Warehouse

Long shifts and planning issues lead to unsatisfied customers who wait for their products for too long.

Eliminate exhausting spreadsheet planning by easily preparing weekly and monthly working time-tables, seen by employees when they arrive and check-in at the station.

FjordHub allows supervising the lacking workers for specific tasks and areas - a must know information for lightning fast solutions.

Printing Houses

Company's production department had issue of weekly planning of printing house workforce

FjordHub allows precise arrangements of employees for quick changes in shifts by simple SMS or push notification on their mobile phones.

Efficient position-dependent task planning allows the staff to always know the time and place to get the job done.

Construction Sites

Site staff uses FjordHub to track employees attendance on construction sites. They see LIVE attendance dashboard and can easily call or message employees at site.

Construction workers register their time by using mobile application as stationary Time Control Unit (TCU) is not convenient to set up at site.

Mobile application presents easily prepared individual or whole unit task descriptions and reminders sent to workers phone the day before or on the actual working day.

Key people & Founders

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Raitis Grandovskis



Dzintars Ramats



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